How to design tolls that induce socially optimal traffic loads? We propose atwo-timescale discrete-time stochastic dynamics that adaptively adjusts thetoll prices on a parallel link network . We show that the loads and the tolls concentrate in a neighborhood of the fixed point, which correspondsto the socially optimal load and toll price . Our resultsare useful for traffic authorities to efficiently manage traffic loads in response to the arrival and departure of travelers, say the authors . They say that the update of tolls is at a slower timescale as compared to the the the updates of loads and tolls in our dynamics have three keyfeatures: (i) The total demand of incoming and outgoing travelers isstochastically realized; (ii) Travelers are myopic and selfish in that they choose routes according to a perturbed best response given the current latency

Author(s) : Chinmay Maheshwari, Kshitij Kulkarni, Manxi Wu, Shankar Sastry

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Keywords : loads - traffic - tolls - socially - optimal -

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