EasyTransferplatform is designed to make it easy to develop deep TL algorithms for NLP applications . The build-in data and model parallelism strategy shows to be 4x faster than the default distribution strategy of Tensorflow . This system is currently deployed at Alibaba to support a variety of business scenarios, including item recommendation, personalized search, and conversational question answering . The source code of EasyTransfer is released at Github(https://://://github.com/alibaba/EasyTransfer) EasyTransfer has rich API abstractions, a scalable architectureand comprehensive deepTL algorithms, to make the development of NLPapplications easier. The toolkit is convenient for usersto quickly start model training, evaluation, offline prediction, and onlinedeployment. It alsointegrates various SOTA models in AppZoo, andsupports mainstream TL algorithms as well. The system is

Author(s) : Minghui Qiu, Peng Li, Hanjie Pan, Chengyu Wang, Cen Chen, Yaliang Li, Dehong Gao, Jun Huang, Yong Li, Jun Yang, Deng Cai, Wei Lin

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Keywords : easytransfer - algorithms - github - system - strategy -

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