EduCOR is an educational, career-oriented ontology that provides a foundation for representing online learning resources for personalised learning systems . The EduCOR ontology is designed to enable learningmaterial repositories to offer learning path recommendations . It is designed for the user’s learning goals, academic and psychological parameters, and the labour-market skills . The comparison of the EduCORontology to three gold schemata shows its adaptability to multiple OER repositories, and its application in two use-cases . A demonstration of the proposed ontology on the real-lifelearning platform eDoer is discussed as a use-case. We evaluate the EduCorontology using both gold standard and task-based approaches. A comparison of

Author(s) : Eleni Ilkou, Hasan Abu-Rasheed, Mohammadreza Tavakoli, Sherzod Hakimov, Gábor Kismihók, Sören Auer, Wolfgang Nejdl

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Keywords : learning - ontology - educor - repositories - gold -

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