Contact tracing is a very effective way to control the COVID-19-likepandemics. It aims to identify individuals who closely contacted an infectedperson during the incubation period of the virus and notify them to quarantine . However, existing systems suffer from privacy, security, and efficiency issues . To address these limitations, in this paper, we propose an efficientand privacy-preserving Blockchain-based infection control system. Instead of depending on a single authority to run the system, a group of healthauthorities, that form a consortium, run our system. UsingBlockchain technology not only secures our system against single point offailure and denial of service attacks, but also brings transparency because alltransactions can be validated by different parties. The recommendation subsystem categorizes zones based on the infection level so that people can avoid visiting contaminated zones. It also prevents infected people from visiting public places to prevent spreading the virus. The analysis demonstrates that our system is secure and preserves the privacy of the users against identification, social graph disclosure, while thwarting false reporting (or panic attacks. Moreover, ourextensive performance evaluations demonstrate the scalability

Author(s) : Seham A. Alansar, Mahmoud M. Badr, Mohamed Mahmoud, Waleed Alasmary

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Keywords : system - privacy - control - infection - attacks -

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