To reliably model real robot characteristics, interval linear systems ofequations allow to describe families of problems that consider sets of values . This allows to easily account for typical complexities such as sets of jointstates and design parameters uncertainties . For eachclass, reliable and efficient polytope, n-cube, and n-ball inner approximations are presented . The interval approaches usually proposed are inefficient becausethey are too computationally heavy for certain applications, such as control. This allows for usage with real-time applications as well as rapid analysis of potential designs. Several applications are presented fora redundant planar manipulator including locally evaluating the manipulator’svelocity, acceleration, and static force capabilities, and evaluating its future acceleration capabilities over a given time horizon . Several applications

Author(s) : Joshua Pickard, Vincent Padois, Milan Hladík, David Daney

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Keywords : applications - capabilities - presented - efficient - real -

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