We propose a mechanism to allocate slots fairly at congested airports . Mechanism: (a) ensures that the slots are allocated according to the truevaluations of airlines, (b) provides fair opportunities to the flightsconnecting remote cities to large airports, and (c) controls the number offlights in each slot to minimize congestion . The mechanism draws inspirationfrom economic theory . It allocates the slots based on an affine maximizerallocation rule and charges payments to the airlines such that they areincentivized to reveal their true valuations . The allocation also optimizes theoccupancy of every slot to keep them as uncongested as possible . Theformulation solves an optimal integral solution in strongly polynomial time . The computational results show that the social utility generated

Author(s) : Aasheesh Dixit, Garima Shakya, Suresh Kumar Jakhar, Swaprava Nath

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Keywords : mechanism - slots - slot - airlines - congestion -

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