The ELO ranking system has proven to be a reliable method for calculating therelative skill levels of players in zero-sum games . The evaluation of player strength in trick-taking card games like Skat orBridge is not obvious . We propose a new ELO system for Skat to overcome these weaknesses, based on a tournament scoringsystem . The new system will be based on the results of an international scoring system and to which ELO should align, say the authors of the new system . They say it is a new way to measure the strength of a player in a game of both skill and chance, so that besides the playing strength the outcome of a game also depends on the deal and the outcome is also a result of the deal . The system is designed to be more efficient and more efficient . The ELo system for

Author(s) : Stefan Edelkamp

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Keywords : system - elo - strength - skat - games -

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