This letter studies an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aided multicasting (MC) system . It is enabled by simultaneous free space optics (FSO) backhaul and power transfer . The UAV applies the power-splitting technique to harvestwireless power and decode backhaul information simultaneously over the FSOlink . At the same time, the UAV uses the harvested power to multicast the backhauled information over the radio frequency (RF) links to multiple groundusers (GUs) We derive the achievable MC rate under the Poisson pointprocess (PPP) based GU distribution . Numerical results show the close-to-optimal EE performance by properly balancing thepower-rate tradeoff between FSO power and the MC data transmissions to the MC transmissions .

Author(s) : Yue Ling Che, Weibin Long, Sheng Luo, Kaishun Wu, Rui Zhang

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Keywords : power - uav - mc - backhaul - fso -

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