This thesis work aims to study the possibility of energy production on Mars . The goal has been contextualized in thewill to feed a scientific base, based the concept of “Mars Direct” This habitat has been recreated in its thermal features, in order to perform an analysis of the heat loss over a Martian year (1,88 years) Two possible scenarios have been studied: clear sky with medium solar radiation and sand stormseason (“storm season”) Subsequently, a basic life support system have beensimulated thanks to Aspen PLUS . Using the results of the thermal analysis, it has been possible to obtain a thermal and electrical demand profile for theHab. After identifying every possible energy source (solar, wind, nuclear, fuelcells, rtg), a calculation on Excel has been set with the purpose of finding the configurations with the lowest possible mass and pave the way for further, more rigorous, optimization

Author(s) : Gianmario Broccia

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Keywords : thermal - energy - mars - based - martian -

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