Energy Saver is a software that monitors electric energy consumption from data capture to consumption forecast for the following month . It uses Open Source technologies applied to the internet of Things (IoT), embedded systems, and Long Short-Term Memory NeuralNetworks (LSTM) The software has as its objective the monitoring of electricenergy consumption . In order to have harmony between the currentresearchers and those who may manipulate this software in the future, it isessential to create a Software Manual, where all the details of its implementation are described in detail . This article describes allthe steps for the implementation of the system, from the methodological scheme of the . system, its modeling with UML, to the modules that compose it, becoming a Manual for its

Author(s) : Davi Guimarães da Silva, Marla Teresinha Barbosa Geller, Dalton Felipe Silva Varão, João Bentes, Mauro Sérgio dos Santos Moura, Yasmin Braga Teixeira, Clayton André Maia dos Santos, Anderson Alvarenga de Moura Meneses

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Keywords : software - consumption - manual - energy - system -

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