The proposed model incorporates the following four constraints, the maximum dose of radiation per evacuee, the limitation of bus capacity and the number of evacuees at demand nodes . The resultant mixed integer linear program (MILP) problem is solvable with efficient commercial solvers such as CPLEX or Gurobi . For both scenarios, our model attains executable evacuation plan within given 3600seconds computation time . To evaluate the effectiveness of proposed evacuation model, we test our model on two different scenarios (a random one and a practical scenario). For bothscenarios, our models attains execution plan within 3600 seconds of computation time. To evaluate our model, the model is tested on a random one (a practical scenario) and a hypothetical scenario .

Author(s) : Canqi Yao, Shibo Chen, Zaiyue Yang

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Keywords : model - evacuation - scenario - proposed - evaluate -

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