Clinical software has become a significant contribution to support clinical management and intra-hospital processes . The complexity of clinical services and the variety of clinicians involved in thoseservices make it challenging to elicit requirements . The D&I Framework translates clinical priorities into guidelines for eliciting softwarerequirements in the healthcare context . The results show that, in comparison with the first release (2018) and the last one (2020),clinicians perceive an improvement in the functionalities and tasks implemented in the system . This study introduces the effects of implementation anddissemination strategies to elicit pragmatic clinical requirements in a healthcare context using implementation and disseminationstrategies. The results were evaluated using a specific questionnaire executed in 2018 and 2020. We focused on evaluating clinicians’ usability expectation levels using a certain questionnaire in the questionnaire executed .

Author(s) : Gastón Márquez, Carla Taramasco

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Keywords : clinical - implementation - clinicians - questionnaire - requirements -

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