How do healthcare organizations evaluate the cybersecurity and privacy protection of Medical Internet ofThings (MIoT) used in clinical settings? This paper suggests an approach for such evaluation using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)guidance) How do organizations (from small Practices to large HDOs) evaluate compliance with NISTIR 8228 Expectations? This approach allows organizations to evaluate the level of risk a MiOT device poses to IT systems . It then presents similarities and differences between IOT/MiOT devices and”traditional” (or classic) Information Technology (IT) hardware, and citesseveral challenges IoT/MIOT pose to cybersecurity and . privacy protection . In so doing it will demonstrate general compliance with both NIST . and HIPAA/HITECH requirements. In doing so it will demonstrated general compliance . It will demonstrate .

Author(s) : Thomas P. Dover

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Keywords : miot - compliance - organizations - evaluate - iot -

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