To implement fair machine learning in a sustainable way, choosing the rightfairness objective is key . The most appropriate fairness definition for an artificial intelligence system is a matter of ethical standards and legal requirements . In thisposition paper, we propose to use a decision tree as means to explain andjustify the implemented kind of fairness to the end users . Such a structure would first of all support AI practitioners in mapping ethical principles to fairness definitions for a concrete application and therefore make theselection a straightforward and transparent process . However, this approach would also help document the reasoning behind the decision making, which could be achieved by sharing the reasons and principles expressed during the decision-making process with the broaderaudience. In this case, we argue that specifying”fairness” for a given use case is the best way forward to maintain confidence in AI systems is the most effective approach to our AI systems. In

Author(s) : Boris Ruf, Marcin Detyniecki

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Keywords : fairness - ai - decision - ethical - approach -

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