Fast channel estimation in millimeter-wave (mmWave) systems is a fundamentalenabler of high-gain beamforming, which boosts coverage and capacity . The proposed approach, referred to as transformed spatial domain channelestimation (TSDCE) algorithm, exhibits robustness to additive white Gaussiannoise by combining low-rank approximations and sample autocorrelation functions . TSDCE significantly reduces the first, while exhibitinga remarkably low computational complexity compared with well-known benchmarkingschemes . Numerical results evaluate themean square error of the channel estimation and the direction of arrivalestimation capability. Numerial results evaluated themeansquare error of channel estimation . T SDCE significantly reduce the first and the second error of a channel estimation, while it exhibited a remarkably low complexity compared to well- known benchmarkings . TSCCE significantly reduced the first . TDCCE significantly reductions the first

Author(s) : Sandra Roger, Maximo Cobos, Carmen Botella-Mascarell, Gabor Fodor

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Keywords : channel - estimation - significantly - error - transformed -

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