Node ranking is a fundamental task that provides the strategy to identify central entities according to multiple criteria . Popular node rankingmetrics include degree, closeness or betweenness centralities . Fatigued PageRank is able to surpass both indegree and HITS authority, but only for the top ranking nodes . We formalize and exemplify the computation ofFatiguedPageRank, evaluating it as a node ranking metric, as well as query-independent evidence in ad hoc document retrieval . We were unable to outperform the BM25baseline, obtaining similar performance for all graph-based metrics, except forindegree, which lowered GMAP and MAP, but increased NDCG@10 and P@10 . On the other hand, based on the TREC Washington Post Corpus, we were unable To outperform The BM25 Baseline, we obtained similar performance, but we were not able to

Author(s) : José Devezas, Sérgio Nunes

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Keywords : ranking - node - fatigued - bm - based -

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