AI-friendly AI technique such as federated learning (FL) is a desideratum . FL enables learning over distributed email datasets to protect their privacy without the requirement of accessing them during the learning in a distributed computing framework . FL has a communication overhead of 0.179 GB per global epoch per its clients . FL is suitable for practical scenarios, where data size variation, including the ratio of phishing to legitimate email samples, among the clients, are present . FL shows a similar performance of testing accuracy of around 98% in phishing email detection to centralized learning . The transfer learning-enabled training results in the improvement of the testing accuracy by up to 2.6% and fast convergence, according to the authors of the study . Back to Mail Online home: Back to the page you came Back to Back to The page you went from the page it came from the Page-to-the-page it went Please contact us at: for the first . Back To the page-from-page-from the

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