Image-to-image style transfer has risen to the frontiers of neural image processing . FST is the first style transfer method that can transfer custom filter effects between FHD image under 2ms on a mobile device without any textual context loss . To resolve the ill-posed nature of reconstructing the original image from the reference, we represent each pixel color of an image to class mean and deviation . To handle the intra-class color variation, we propose an uncertainty based weighted least square method for restoring an original image . To the best of our knowledge, FST can . transfer custom filters between . FHD images and content images without textual context . loss without . any textual . loss on mobile devices without any textual context loss on a . mobile device . The authors of the authors of this paper have published their own version of the above article. Back to Back to the page you came from:

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Keywords : image - transfer - textual - loss - style -

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