This document describes the generalized moving peaks benchmark (GMPB) and how it can be used to generate problem instances for continuous large-scale dynamic optimization problems . It presents a set of 15 benchmark problems, the relevantsource code, and a performance indicator . The GMPB is designed for comparative studies and competitions . It is intended to provide a coherent basis for running competitions, but its generality allows the reader to use this document as a guide to design customizedproblem instances to investigate issues beyond the scope of the presented benchmark suite . We explain the modular structure of the GMPB and how its constituents can be assembled to form problem instances with a variety of controllable characteristics .

Author(s) : Mohammad Nabi Omidvar, Danial Yazdani, Juergen Branke, Xiaodong Li, Shengxiang Yang, Xin Yao

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : benchmark - instances - gmpb - problem - competitions -

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