In this paper, we introduce the technique of geometric amortization forenumeration algorithms . This technique can be used to make the delay of enumeration algorithms more regular without much overhead on the space it uses . We show that, using geometricamortization, such an algorithm can be transformed into an algorithm with delay$O(p\log K)$ and $O(s\logK)$ space . We illustrate how this tradeoff may be advantageous for the enumeration ofsolutions of DNF formulas . We apply geometric amORTization to show that one can trade the delay offlashlight search algorithms for their average delay modulo a factor of $O(\logK), or $O($O(log K)’s) The tradeoff might be advantageous to the enumerations of the DNF formula

Author(s) : Florent Capelli, Yann Strozecki

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Keywords : delay - algorithms - geometric - amortization - enumeration -

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