giotto-ph is based on Morozov andNigmetov’s lockfree (multicore) implementation of Ulrich Bauer’s Ripser package . It also contains a re-implementation of Boissonnat and Pritam’s “EdgeCollapser”, implemented so far only in the GUDHI library . The final implementation of our persistent homology backend establishes a new state ofthe art, surpassing even GPU-accelerated implementations such as Ripsing when using as few as 5–10 CPU cores . Furthermore, our implementation of the edgecollapser algorithm has reduced dependencies and significantly improvedrun-times .

Author(s) : Julián Burella Pérez, Sydney Hauke, Umberto Lupo, Matteo Caorsi, Alberto Dassatti

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : implementation - edgecollapser - ph - giotto - homology -

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