Traditional video summarization methods generate fixed video representations regardless of user interest . Traditional methods limit users’ expectations in content search and exploration scenarios . In this work, a new method is proposed that uses a specialized attention network andcontextualized word representations to tackle this task . The proposed model is effective with an increase of +5.88% in accuracy and +4.06% increase of F1-score, compared with the state-of-the-art method . The new model uses a contextualized video summary controller, multi-modal attentionmechanisms, an interactive attention network, and a video summary generator to tackle the task . Based on the evaluation of the existing multi-media summarizationbenchmark, experimental results show that the proposed model

Author(s) : Jia-Hong Huang, Luka Murn, Marta Mrak, Marcel Worring

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Keywords : video - proposed - multi - model - increase -

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