This work aims to develop an optimization program for a dynamic, hetero-functional graphtheory-based model of an engineering system . The optimization program is demonstrated through the application of the program to a hydrogen-naturalgas infrastructure test case . Four distinct scenarios are optimized todemonstrate potential synergies or cascading network effects of policy acrossinfrastructures . The program can be used to optimizeflows across a multi-operand network, transform the operands in the network, analyze the behavior for a quadratic cost function, and implement it for a generic, continuous, large flexible engineering systemsof arbitrary topology. The program was developed by using Petri net dynamics and the heter-functional incidence tensor to optimize the network. It can be applied to a generic and continuous, well-defined engineering system.

Author(s) : Wester C. H. Schoonenberg, Amro M. Farid

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : network - program - engineering - optimization - functional -

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