In transportation applications such as real-time route guidance, rampmetering, congestion pricing and congestion pricing are needed . In this paper, this paper proposes several novel Grey system models (GM):GM(1,1$|sin(\omega t)$), GM(1)$ |sin(2,1) $1,2,3,4,1, and GM(e^{-at}$sin(omegat)$1,4), $sin(omomga t), $cos(omg) $2,5,6,7,8,9,8 and $4,8 . The evaluation is performed using loop detector and probe vehicle data from California, Virginia,and Oregon . It is observed that the proposed models are moreadaptive to location (e.g., perform well for all roadway types) and trafficparameters, and they do not require as many data points for training (4 observations are found to besufficient). The proposed models

Author(s) : Gurcan Comert, Negash Begashaw, Nathan Huynh

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Code :

Keywords : gm - sin - models - data - grey -

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