This paper presents an integrated path planning and tracking control ofmarine hydrokinetic energy harvesting devices . The proposedapproach is validated on a marine current turbine (MCT) that executes verticalwaypoint path searching to maximize the net power due to spatiotemporaluncertainties in the ocean environment . Resultsdemonstrate that the path planning increases harnessed power compared to thebaseline (i.e., maintaining MCT at an equilibrium depth), and the tracking controller can successfully follow the reference path under different shearprofiles . The tracking controller is then used to navigate the MCT to the optimal path to the optimum path . Results demonstrate that the . path planning increased harnessed . power compared . to the baseline (i .e., . maintaining M CT at an . equilibrium depth) and the . trackingcontroller can successfully followed the reference paths under different . shearProfiles. The tracking

Author(s) : Arezoo Hasankhani, Ertugrul Baris Ondes, Yufei Tang, Cornel Sultan, James VanZwieten

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Keywords : path - tracking - planning - power - mct -

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