A complete digital plant model requires combining these tworepresentations . Graph matching is apotential technique for this purpose . This article focuses on automaticgeneration of the graphs as a prerequisite to graph matching . Algorithms for the purpose are proposed and validated with a case study . The paper concludes with a discussion of further research needed to reprocess the generated graphs in order to enable effective matching. It concludes that further research needs to be conducted to enable accurate matching. The paper is published on June 1, 2013, by John Defterios, PhD at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA, is published by Springer Springer, ISU, Springer, PBM and PBM, Springer and Springer, MSU, MSR, MSO, MSD, MSN and MSO. The

Author(s) : Seppo Sierla, Mohammad Azangoo, Alexander Fay, Valeriy Vyatkin, Nikolaos Papakonstantinou

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Keywords : springer - matching - digital - enable - purpose -

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