Physical-layer key generation (PKG) can generate symmetric keys between twocommunication ends based on the reciprocal uplink and downlink channels . Bysmartly reconfiguring the radio signal propagation, intelligent reflectingsurface (IRS) is able to improve the secret key rate of PKG . IRS-assistedmultiple-input single-output (MISO) system aims to maximize the secretkey rate by optimally designing the IRS passive beamforming . An optimal algorithm for designingIRS reflecting coefficients based on Semi-Definite Relaxation (SDR) and Taylorexpansion is proposed . Numerical results show that our optimal IRS-assisted PKG scheme can achieve much higher secret keyrate when compared with two benchmark schemes .

Author(s) : You Chen, Guyue Li, Cunhua Pan, Lei Hu, Aiqun Hu

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Keywords : irs - key - pkg - secret - rate -

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