Terahertz (THz) communications have emerged as a promising candidate to support the heavy data traffic and exploding network capacity in the future 6G networks . However, THz communications are facing many challenges forpractical implementation, such as propagation loss, signal blockage, and hardware cost . In this article, we introduce an emerging paradigm calledintelligent reflecting surface (IRS) assisted THz communication to address the above issues, by leveraging the joint active and passive beamforming to enhancethe communication quality and reduce overheads . We provide open challenges and future researchdirections for this new paradigm for the new paradigigyararational approach to THz .

Author(s) : Zhi Chen, Chong Han, Boyu Ning, Zhongbao Tian, Shaoqiana Li

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Keywords : thz - communications - reflecting - future - terahertz -

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