An intelligent zero trust architecture (i-ZTA) as a security framework in 5G/6G networks with untrusted components . We introduce key ZT principles as real-time Monitoring of thesecurity state of network assets, Evaluating the risk of individual access requests, and Deciding on access authorization using a dynamic trust algorithm,called MED components . The envisioned architecture adopts an SBA-based design,similar to the 3GPP specification of 5G networks, by leveraging the open radioaccess network (O-RAN) architecture with appropriate real-looking engines and network interfaces for collecting necessary machine learning data . The i-Zta is also expected to exploit the multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology of 5Gas as a key enabler of intelligent MED components for resource-constraint devices . The architecture is expected to use the MEC technology of the 5Gas technology of its 5G network . The paper presentsthe architectural design of an iZTA upon which modern artificial intelligence(AI) algorithms can be developed to provide information security in

Author(s) : Keyvan Ramezanpour, Jithin Jagannath

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Keywords : g - architecture - network - intelligent - trust -

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