DeepHead is a fully data-driven implementation of the paradigm proposed in the context of brain imaging . It infers the dielectric distribution of the brain at a desired single frequency while making use of an input that spreads over awide band of frequencies . The performance of the model is evaluated with bothsimulations and human volunteers experiments . The inference made is juxtaposed with ground-truth dielectrics in simulation case, and the goldenMRI / CT imaging modalities of the volunteers in real-world case . The result is a stable solver with a high resolution output. The performance was evaluated by both simulation and human experiments. The model was designed to provide a priori information required to ease under-determinism and reduce

Author(s) : A. Al-Saffar, L. Guo, A. Abbosh

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : imaging - experiments - deephead - volunteers - human -

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