In this study, we investigated the effectiveness and user acceptance of threeexternal interaction modalities (i.e., visual, auditory, and visual+auditory) in promoting communications between automated vehicle systems (AVS) and pedestrians at a crosswalk . We alsotested different visual and auditory interaction methods, and found that”Pedestrian silhouette on the front of the vehicle” was the best preferredoption . Middle-aged participants liked “Chime” much better than young participants though it was overall better preferred than others . Communication between the AVS and pedestrians’ phones was not well received dueto privacy concerns . These results provided important interface designrecommendations in identifying better combination of visual . and auditory designs and therefore improving AVS communicating their intention withpedestrians . The results provided

Author(s) : Sue Bai, Dakota Drake Legge, Ashley Young, Shan Bao, Feng Zhou

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Keywords : visual - auditory - interaction - avs - pedestrians -

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