In this paper, we introduce the first large vocabulary speech recognitionsystem (LVSR) for the Central Kurdish language, named Jira . The Kurdish language has several dialects and sub-dialects that results in many lexical variations . The system was trained with AsoSoft Speech-Office and Crowdsourcing and a combination of them. The best performance achieved by the SGMM acoustic model was 13.9% of the average word errorrate (on different document topics) and 4. 9% for the general topic. To setup therecognition engine, we used the Kaldi toolkit. A statistical tri-gram languagemodel that is extracted from the Asosoft text corpus is used in the system is used . To setup the system, we . used the . Kaldi Toolkit. to set the system’s recognition engine. To build the system. For more information, please visit . Back to the page you came from: Back to page you go to: . Back page you went to: kaldin/ .

Author(s) : Hadi Veisi, Hawre Hosseini, Mohammad Mohammadamini, Wirya Fathy, Aso Mahmudi

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Keywords : jira - system - speech - kaldi - www -

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