In recent years, we have witnessed a new kind of DDoS attack, the burstattack . The attacker launches periodic bursts of traffic overload on online targets . The auto-scaling mechanism translates the flat DDoS attacks into Economic Denial of Sustainability attacks . However, it was shown that YoYo attackalso causes significant performance degradation since it takes time to scale-upVMs . We present experimental results on Google Cloud Platform, showing that even though thescale-up time of containers is much lower than VM, Kubernetes is still vulnerable to the YoYo attacks since VMs are still involved . Finally, weevaluate ML models that can accurately detect YoYo attacking on a KuberNETescluster. Finally, We presentexperimental results on the Google Cloud platform, showing the YoY attack on Google cloud Platform, showed that Yo YoYo attacked on a Cloud Platform. We present experiments on GoogleCloud Platform, show that

Author(s) : Ronen Ben David, Anat Bremler Barr

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : platform - yoyo - cloud - attack - google -

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