Storm water detention ponds are used to manage the discharge of rainfall runoff from urban areas to nearby streams . Detention ponds are currently designed based on static controls: the output flow of a pond is capped at a fixed value . This is not optimal with respect to the current infrastructure capacity and for some detention ponds it might even violate regulations set by the European Water Framework Directive . We use the tool Uppaal Stratego to synthesize a control strategyminimizing the cost related to pollution (optimality) while guaranteeing noemergency overflow of the detention pond (safety) Simulation results for anexisting pond show that . simulation results for . an existing pond show . that UppaAl StrateGo can learn optimal strategies that . prevent emergency overflows, where the current static control is not alwaysable to prevent it . At the same time, our approach can improve sedimentation . At

Author(s) : Martijn A. Goorden, Kim G. Larsen, Jesper E. Nielsen, Thomas D. Nielsen, Michael R. Rasmussen, Jiri Srba

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Keywords : detention - ponds - pond - water - optimal -

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