A Lyapunov-based method is presented for stabilizing and controlling of closed quantum systems . The proposed method can potentially be applied for high-fidelity quantum control purposes in quantum computing frameworks . Results show significant improvement in both the set of stabilizable quantumsystems and their invariant sets of state trajectories generated by designedcontrol signals . The method is constructed upon a novel quantumLyapunova function of the system state trajectory tracking error . The proposal is based on a positive-definite operator that provides additional degreesof freedom for the designer. The proposed system can be used to control quantum computing systems in the quantum computing framework. It can be applied to high-performance quantum computing

Author(s) : Elham Jamalinia, Peyman Azodi, Alireza Khayatian, Peyman Setoodeh

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Keywords : quantum - computing - control - systems - method -

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