Accurately predicting the behavior of a nuclear reactor requires multiphysicssimulation of coupled neutronics, thermal-hydraulics and fuel thermo-mechanics . This work presents methodologies forfull-core surrogate construction based on several realistic equilibrium PWRcore designs . It also sets stage for full-core fuelperformance analysis with BISON where the computational cost becomes moreburdensome. Constructed surrogates achieve at least tenthousand time acceleration with satisfying prediction accuracy. The worklays foundation for tighter coupling of fuel performance modeling into the coredesign optimization framework of the CORE design framework. Current work lays foundation for tight coupling of the fuel performance model into the CORESign design framework, which is designed to provide more realistic and accurate prediction of the PWR cores. The research is published in The Journal of the Nuclear Power Research Institute of Nuclear Power Institute of Energy and Research Institute for Nuclear Power Technology. The Institute of Science and Technology, published by Nuclear Power and Technology Institute of Power and Energy Institute.

Author(s) : Yifeng Che, Joseph Yurko, Koroush Shirvan

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Keywords : institute - nuclear - power - fuel - core -

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