Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a major sub-field of engineering . Finding an optimal mesh is key for computational efficiency . The proposed concept is validated along 2d wind tunnel simulations with more than 60,000 simulations . Corresponding predictions of optimal meshes can be used as input for any meshgeneration and CFD tool. Thus without complex computations, any CFD engineercan start his predictions from a high quality mesh. The proposal was validated using a training set of 20,000 simulationwe achieve accuracy of more than 98.7% of the predictions from optimal mesh densities given arbitrarygeometries. It was validated through 2d simulationswith more than 80,000 simulated simulations. It is also validated along twod wind tunnels simulations. Using a training data set of . more than 100,000 simulatorswe achieve accuracies of

Author(s) : Keefe Huang, Moritz Kr├╝gener, Alistair Brown, Friedrich Menhorn, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Dirk Hartmann

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Code :

Keywords : validated - simulations - optimal - mesh - cfd -

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