Secure Computation (SC) is a family of cryptographic primitives for computing on encrypted data in single-party and multi-party settings . SC is beingincreasingly adopted by industry for a variety of applications . MAGE calculates the memory access pattern ahead of time and uses it to produce a memory management plan . This formulation of memory programming is a generalization of paging that allows MAGE to provide a highly efficient virtual memory abstraction for SC. MAGEoutperforms the OS virtual memory system by up to an order of magnitude, and in many cases, runs SC computations that do not fit in memory at nearly the samespeed as if the underlying machines had unbounded physical memory to fit theentire computation to fit all of the computation . We observe that,due to their intended security guarantees, SC schemes are inherently oblivious– their memory access patterns

Author(s) : Sam Kumar, David E. Culler, Raluca Ada Popa

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : memory - sc - computation - virtual - fit -

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