AiSketcher can automatically transfer a facial picture to a vivid portrait, and then draw it on paper within two minutes averagely . At the heart of the system is a novel portrait synthesis algorithm based on deep learning . The portrait is converted to a sequence of trajectories and reproduced by a 3-degree-of-freedom robotic arm . The whole portrait drawing robotic system is named AiSkecher. It is the first portrait drawing robot that uses neural style transfer techniques. To our best knowledge, AiSkketcher is the . first portrait . drawing robot is first to produce . high-quality sketches for a wide range of pictures, including faces in-the-wild and universal images of arbitrary content of arbitrary . content. AiSKetcher has attended a quite number of exhibitions and shown remarkable performance under . diverse circumstances. The robot has shown remarkable . performance under diverse circumstances . The robot system is called AiSetcher. has . shown remarkable performances under diverse conditions. The robots have shown remarkable results under diverse . circumstances. Aims to produce considerably high- quality sketches

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