Spoken-text normalization that converts spoken-style text into style normalized text is becoming an important technology for improving subsequent processing such as machine translation andsummarization . MAsked Pointer-Generator Network(MAPGN) is a novel self-supervised learning method . MAPGN is more effective for pointer-generatornetworks than the conventional methods in twospoken text normalization tasks . The proposed method can effectively pre-train the pointers-generator network by learning to fill masked tokens using the copy mechanism . Ourexperiments demonstrate that MAPGN was more effective than conventional methods to learn to fill masks using a copy mechanism in a speech-style normalization task than it was used to train a pointer-generation network that can be used to fill masked tokens . The MAPGN method is

Author(s) : Mana Ihori, Naoki Makishima, Tomohiro Tanaka, Akihiko Takashima, Shota Orihashi, Ryo Masumura

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Keywords : mapgn - pointer - text - network - masked -

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