A paper presents a method to mask the server host identity by encrypting the SNI . The method adheres to almost all SSL/TLS related Internet standards requirements . The new method enjoys all securitybenefits of existing secure channel establishment and needs no modification inexisting routers/middle-boxes. The method is based on the use of the HTTPS protocol to establish a secure channel without sharing SNI information, and the second handshakeshares the encrypted SNI. The SNI field contains information about the host and can, in turn, reveal the type oftraffic. The paper concludes that the method is feasible and can be used by a client-server over the liveInternet . The paper also concludes that it can be applied to a client server over the real-world server. It can be implemented in a server with a server in a client or server over a server or server in the real world. It is available to the client or client-or-server

Author(s) : Vinod S. Khandkar, Manjesh K. Hanawal

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : server - method - client - sni - host -

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