Recent state-of-the-art active learning methods have mostly leveragedGenerative Adversarial Networks (GAN) for sample acquisition . However, GAN isusually known to suffer from instability and sensitivity to hyper-parameters . In contrast to these methods, we propose in this paper a novel active learningframework that we call Maximum Classifier Discrepancy for Active Learning(MCDAL) which takes the prediction discrepancies between multiple classifiers . We utilize two auxiliary classification layers that learntighter decision boundaries by maximizing the discrepancies among them . In this regard, wepropose a novel method to leverage the classifier discrepancies for theacquisition function for active learning . We also provide an interpretation ofour idea in relation to existing GAN based active learning

Author(s) : Jae Won Cho, Dong-Jin Kim, Yunjae Jung, In So Kweon

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Keywords : active - learning - discrepancies - gan - classifier -

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