This paperexamines the advancements in metaphor research from 2000 to 2017 . Using dataretrieved from Microsoft Academic Graph and Web of Science, this paper makes amacro analysis of metaphor research, and expounds the underlying patterns ofits development . This paper provides novel insights into the current state of the art ofmetaphor research as well as future trends in this field, which may spark new research interests in metaphor from both linguistic and interdisciplinaryperspectives . The study is carried out from a micro perspective to reveal the evolution of research topics and the inherent relationships amongthem . It is based on a study of the various sub-fields of the metaphor research .

Author(s) : Dongyu Zhang, Minghao Zhang, Ciyuan Peng, Jason J. Jung, Feng Xia

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Keywords : research - metaphor - analysis - study - paper -

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