This paper studies the Two-Person Zero Sum(TPZS) game between aMultiple-Input Multiple-Output(MIMO) radar and an extended target . payofffunction is the output Signal-to-Interference-pulse-Noise Ratio(SINR) at theradar receiver . The Stackelberg equilibriumstrategy of radar, namely robust or minimax waveform-filter pair, for threedifferent cases are taken into consideration . In the first case, EnergyConstraint(EC) on transmit waveform is introduced, where we theoretically provethat the Stackeberg equilibrium is also the Nash equilibrium of the game . The second case is considered inthe second case, and Algorithm 2 is proposed to solve this case, where … In the third case, we prove the existence of Nash equilibrium for its Semi-DefiniteProgramming(SDP) relaxation form. And the optimal waveform and filter pair issolved by calculating the Nash equation. In the other case…

Author(s) : Zhou Xu, Chongyi Fan, Xiaotao Huang

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Keywords : case - waveform - nash - equilibrium - filter -

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