MobileBERT is a thin version of BERT{\_}LARGE, while equipped with bottleneck structures and carefully designed balance between self-attentions and feed-forward networks . It is 4.3x smaller and 5.5x faster than BERT\_}BASE while achieving competitive results on well-known benchmarks . On the SQuAD v1.1/v2.0 question answering task, MobileBERt achieves a dev F1 score of 90.0/79.2 (1.5/2.1 higher than Bert\__BASE) On the GLUE task of GLUE, MobileberT achieves a GLUE score of 77.7 and 62 ms latency on a Pixel 4 phone. On the . SQuad v1/V2. 0 question answering tasks, MobileBerT achieved a dev.0.0 task, . MobileBERTs achieves a Dev F1.

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