This paper investigates the distributed consensus tracking control problem for general linear multi-agent systems (MASs) with external disturbances andheterogeneous time-varying input and communication delays . An extended LMI is proposed which, in conjunction with the rest of the LMIs, results in a solution with a larger upper bound on delays than what would befeasible without it . It is highlighted that the integration of communication-delay-related observer and input-delayed-related LMI to construct afully distributed controller (which requires no global information) is scalable to arbitrarily large networks . The efficacy of the proposed scheme is demonstrated via illustrative numerical examples . The effectiveness of the proposal isdemonstrated by illustrative┬ánumbers of a proposed scheme to illustrate numerical examples of the implementation of this type of LMI and its effectiveness is demonstrated in the study. The proposed scheme has been described as ‘narrowly successful’

Author(s) : Wei Jiang, Kun Liu, Themistoklis Charalambous

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Keywords : proposed - input - lmi - delays - communication -

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