In task allocation for real-time domains, alimited number of agents is deployed across a large area to carry out numeroustasks . Agents need to cooperate byforming, disbanding and reforming coalitions . We propose a binary integer program and an anytime and scalableheuristic to solve it . In problems with up to 150 agents and 3000 tasks, ourheuristic finds solutions up to 3.25 times better than the Earliest DeadlineFirst approach commonly used in real time systems . Our results constitute thefirst large-scale benchmark for the MARSC problem. Our results are considered to constitute the first large scale benchmark for MARSC problems, our study finds . We create adataset with 347588 tasks and a test framework that simulates the mobilization

Author(s) : Luca Capezzuto, Danesh Tarapore, Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

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Code :

Keywords : large - agents - results - marsc - benchmark -

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