A wireless multihop device-to-device (D2D) basedmobile edge computing (MEC) system, where the destination wireless device (WD) is scheduled to compute nomographic functions . We propose a new multi-level over-the-air (OTA) aggregation scheme for the destination WD tocollect the individual partially aggregated intermediate values (IVAs) for reducing communication resource overhead . We also propose a unified transceiver design framework that minimizes the mean squarederror (MSE) of the aggregated IVA at the destination . We jointly optimize the source WDs’ individual power constraints, by jointly optimizing the source . Wetransform the original problem into a quadratic fractional programming problem,and then develop a low-complexity algorithm to obtain the (near-) optimalsolution by leveraging Dinkelbach’s algorithm along with the Gaussianrandomization method . Back to Mail Online Homepage Back to the page you came from: http://www.mailonline.com/news/science-backpage/daily/dailymail/sport-homepage .

Author(s) : Feng Wang, Vincent K. N. Lau

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Keywords : d - device - destination - wireless - aggregation -

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