Two-dimensional thin plates are widely used in many applications . Shuntdamping is a promising way for the attenuation of vibration of theseelectromechanical systems . It enables a compact vibration damping method without adding significant mass and volumetric occupancy . This paper presents a methodology and aformulation for separately shunted piezoelectric patches for achieving higherperformance on vibration attenuation . The Rayleigh-Ritz method is used formodal analysis and obtaining the frequency response functions of theelectro-mechanical system . For verification, system-level finiteelement simulations are performed in ANSYS software and compared with the model results . The effectivenessof the method is investigated for a broader range of frequencies . It was found to be more effective compared to connected for a wide range of frequency. for a broad range of vibrations. The effectiveness of the method was investigated for the method. The research was carried out to validate the experimental setup was also built to validated theperformance of the separately shunting piezolectric patch. An experimental setup has been built to . validate the performance of the separate shunted

Author(s) : Peyman Lahe Motlagh, Ipek Basdogana

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Keywords : method - shunted - separately - experimental - vibration -

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