Neural Crossbreed Neural Based Image Metamorphosis

We propose Neural Crossbreed, a feed-forward neural network that can learn a semantic change of input images in a latent space to create the morphing effect . We prepare a training dataset for morphing using a . pre-trained BigGAN, which generates an intermediate image by . interpolating two latent vectors at an intended morphing value . This is the first attempt to address image . morphing . using a pre- trained generative model in order to learn semantic transformation . The experiments show that . that . produces high quality morphed images, overcoming various limitations associated with conventional approaches . In addition, the . experiment shows that . the network produces high . quality morphed . images, and can be further extended for . multi-image morphing, appearance transfer, and video frame interpolation, and . video frame interferingation interimation . The . experiments show  morthed images,

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Keywords : morphing - images - neural - image - experiments -

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